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Heritage Day 2021 - It's a Wrap!

Updated: May 6, 2022

Dear Pathways Community, Friends, and Visitors,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

To each person who visited, volunteered, contributed and prayed for the day - your involvement was greatly appreciated!

This past Saturday was absolutely amazing. We are awed by the amount of support, positivity, AND THE TURNOUT! One of our outside demonstrators, who does other events, estimated our crowd at 2,500 plus. He was comparing it to Big Springs Farm Festival, where he regularly exhibits, and said that our attendance exceeded their attendance (estimated at 2,200 0 2,300). Imagine if we would have had an entire day!

Visitors and demonstrators gave us so much encouraging feedback. They were impressed by the scope of the event, the amount of activities, the knowledge that the kids displayed, their speaking skills and passion, and the feel of community that was present! Our demonstrators are already talking about next year, and the Civil War troop wants to do a whole reenactment in the field! There is already exciting talk about plans for next year, and lots of ideas for improvements. The students too, had a lot of positive feedback and ideas for improvement.

Some of the positives we heard

  • Mr. Brubaker had a wonderful day. His daughter said he loved every moment.

  • One lady called on Monday to say how meaningful it was to be back at the farm with Jim, who was a good friend of her deceased husband.

  • We’ve had several inquiries for the school, and an application hand-delivered today.

  • One visitor said that we are doing things at our Heritage Day that are not being done anywhere else. This rivals other events of its kind, and ours features STUDENTS as demonstrators!

  • One of our park workers, who recently lost his wife, showed up on his day off, Friday, to help us set up. He wanted to contribute, and is thankful for Pathways. He has found community and joy in helping us here.

  • So many folks said how wonderful the event was, and how they will be back next year!

This day was a blessing to many. Thank you to each one of you for your involvement in Heritage Day, in the education of our students, and outreach to the wider community.

Please send your comments and ideas for next year. We are already planning!



Photos by Jeffrey Kauffman

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