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Our Mission…..
To deliver a Christ-centered, quality academic program that emphasizes project-based learning
in partnership with our families and communities.

Our Vision……
To develop students who…
● Care deeply about their faith, and desire to grow in their wisdom and knowledge of the
Bible and our Lord Jesus Christ, and strive to glorify God in all they do.
● Display Christ-honoring character traits.
● Are prepared to defend the Christian faith and stand for biblical truths.
● Demonstrate compassion, respect, and honor for all people within the school community
and beyond.
● Are well prepared to pursue their calling, whether it be entering the workforce, further
education, missions, or service arenas.
● Are lifelong learners, curious, and excited about the world they live in.
● Are motivated to pursue excellence and develop a strong work ethic in all areas of life.
● Are productive citizens, willing to engage in their community through leadership and
● Are reflective, critical thinkers, and creative problem solvers.
● Are not afraid to ask questions and make mistakes.
● Respect and care for God’s creation and make choices that promote stewardship of the
environment and the world in which we live.

Revised June 29, 2020

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