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Language Arts

Pathways Language Arts curriculum will utilize the Writers' and Readers' Workshop Model.  Group instruction in the form of mini-lessons will be given to teach style, process, literary elements, vocabulary, grammar, and mechanics.  Students will work independently on their writing pieces, conferencing with teachers and peers as part of working through the process of writing and refining their work.  The end goal is to share and publish student writing in various forms.  Writing will be integrated into our project-based learning.

At the elementary and middle school levels, the emphasis is on building the foundation for good reading and writing skills.  At the high school level, students put these skills to use in a variety of relevant and interdisciplinary ways.

Good readers lead to good writers!  Reading and responding to literature and poetry  will be part of each school day. Mini lessons will be used to teach comprehension skills and literary devices.

Speech and Communication is an integral part of preparing our students for life!  At Pathways, our students have many opportunities for public speaking within and outside of our school community.  High school students will take part in a formal speech class at least once during their high school years.

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