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Technology Information

Don't forget that upper-level students will need to have laptops, tablets, or Chromebooks for school.  There are several things to keep in mind:


  • You do NOT need to buy an expensive, high-end piece of equipment.  This will be primarily used for writing (word processing), power points, watching videos links, and research.  If your student needs the computer for math, keep in mind any requirements for your particular math program.

  • In other words, your student will not be using this for gaming at school!  No need for mega memory or speed.

  • Your student will need a word processing program on their laptop.  Microsoft Office is great, but they can also use free programs such as Open Office or Google Docs.  Google Docs is a great choice since it makes it easy to share with the teachers, peers, and our school tech platform.

  • We will be using Disney Circle as our filtering device.  This is done at the router, so you do not need to worry about set-up on your student's equipment unless they have their own wifi access.

  • Since laptops will be transported to and from location, consider durability and weight.  A laptop backpack with good padding may be wise.

  • Lower-level students are not required to have computers unless needed for their chosen math program.


NEEDED:  Technology help!  If this is an area of interest and/or talent for you, please contact us for ways in which you can volunteer!

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