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We believe in educating by...


» Developing individualized learning plans tailored to support and encourage each student’s unique gifts, skills, interests, and learning styles.


» Presenting students with real life problems and projects that will necessitate critical thinking, research, problem solving, design, communication, and execution.


» Providing a foundation of academic skills.


» Challenging students with high standards, and providing the tools and encouragement for success.


» Immersing students in outdoor studies. Children learn best when they have plenty of physical activity, sunshine, and fresh air. (D. Bell, 2018)


» Engaging students in their communities through volunteer opportunities and civic participation.


» Developing lessons and projects that are interdisciplinary.


» Immersing students in projects and activities that provide real world relevance.


» Providing students with opportunities to be both learners and teachers.


» Providing educators who learn alongside their students; guiding, facilitating, and modeling as opposed to solely dispensing information.


» Integrating Biblical truths through all subject matter.


» Safely utilizing technology to find resources, create products, and connect with experts and audiences around the world.


» Focusing on project-based learning which allows students to work on real life, hands-on projects that are relevant, applicable, and fun.

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