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Pathways is a Micro-hybrid educational alternative.  Micro meaning small, and hybrid meaning a cross between homeschool and school.

Pathways started with a small group of like-minded individuals who desired an alternative way to teach and learn.  We wanted to develop a model that utilized project-based learning with an emphasis on environmental stewardship and living history. 


Teachers will serve as facilitators who will guide students in researching and planning hands-on projects that will address real-life questions and issues.  Our students will work collaboratively with each other, faculty, and community members to develop projects that will benefit the larger community.

Pathways seeks to provide a Christ-centered education and develop student volunteers and citizens who have a passion for their environment and community.

At Pathways, we believe that learning should....

» Point to the Creator.

» Be relevant and purposeful.

» Develop the whole child; spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically.

» Be active rather than passive. Students learn best “by doing” and by engaging in first-hand experiences.

» Involve student choices and decision-making concerning their educational interests.

» Involve adults who care about students, are positive role-models, and provide constructive feedback and guidance.

» Encourage group activities that promote teamwork and communication.

» Be joyful and fun.

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