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Elective and Humanities credits may be earned through tracking hours/activities that occur through subject area projects and interest-driven mini-projects.  Credits may accumulated throughout the year(s) for 1/2 credit or full credit.

Examples include, but are limited to:

*All high school students participate in an Expository Bible Study, Worldview Class, and weekly devotions. Students who engage in class and show interaction in their Bible Journals and through assignments earn credits for these classes.

 Middle and elementary students have daily devotions.

* A civics credit gained through volunteer service hours at the park.  Some projects may require presenting proposals to the Parks and Rec Committee of Brecknock Township, which would involve attending and/or speaking at meetings.  (local government)

All High School students are required to do a minimum of 15 hours of community service a year.

*  A humanities credit for artwork, photography, and/or videography, as work is done documenting projects or preparing publicity, signage, or guidebooks.  Humanities credits may also be accrued through Bible, devotions, and a bible journal.

*  Credits in such areas as construction, sewing, horticulture, woodworking, etc. as students work on interest driven projects.

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