Elective and Humanities credits may be earned through tracking hours/activities that occur through subject area projects and interest-driven mini-projects.  Credits may accumulated throughout the year(s) for 1/2 credit or full credit.

Examples include, but are limited to:

* A civics credit gained through volunteer service hours at the park.  Some projects may require presenting proposals to the Parks and Rec Committee of Brecknock Township, which would involve attending and/or speaking at meetings.  (local government)

*  A humanities credit for artwork, photography, and/or videography, as work is done documenting projects or preparing publicity, signage, or guidebooks.  Humanities credits may also be accrued through Bible, devotions, and a bible journal.

*  Credits in such areas as construction, sewing, horticulture, woodworking, etc. as students work on interest driven projects.